sl-0 Uporabnik_ca ne razume slovenščine ali pa ima pri sporazumevanju v slovenščini hude težave.
Dobrodošli, User333~slwiki!

Veseli nas, da ste se odločili ter se pridružili vse večjemu mednarodnemu občestvu wikipedistov, sodelavcev Wikipedije. Predlagamo, da sprva pogledate krajši uvod, ki vam bo pomagal narediti prve korake pri urejanju ene največjih spletnih enciklopedij. Če potrebujete pomoč, si preberite Pomoč:Vsebina ali pa se obrnite na dejavne uporabnike, administratorje. Lahko pa svoja vprašanja postavite tudi Pod lipo (o Wikipediji) ali Oraklju (splošna vprašanja) ter se pridružite IRC-kanalu #wikipedia-sl. Urejanje lahko preizkušate v peskovniku, prej pa si preberite še vadnico.

Začnete lahko tako, da si ustvarite svojo uporabniško stran in dodate svoje ime na sezname Wikipedistov. Svoje prispevke na pogovornih straneh (ne pa tudi v člankih!) samodejno podpišete z uporabo štirih tild (~~~~); s tem se bo dodal vaš podpis in datum.

English: You don't speak Slovene? Welcome, please visit the Embassy and also put {{user sl-0}} on your user and/or talk page.
Deutsch: Sprechen Sie kein Slowenisch? Dann besuchen Sie die Botschaft und fügen Sie {{user sl-0}} auf Ihre Benutzerseite und/oder Diskussionsseite hinzu.
Français: Vous ne parlez pas Slovène? Bienvenue, visitez l'Ambassade et ajoutez {{user sl-0}} sur votre page utilisateur.

Please don't create articles using Google Translate. The result doesn't resemble Slovene language even remotely. — Yerpo Ha? 22:16, 22. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]

oh ok could I use it to create templates please what I mean is can I use google tranlator to create templates please User333 (pogovor) 22:17, 22. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]
Where are you from? Which language is your native one? --Irena 00:19, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]
my native languge is English and I from America User333 (pogovor) 13:34, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]
It is a great opportunity for you to contribute on English/Simple English WP! Don't waste your and our time here. If you want to learn Slovene, you should choose another way than creating tempalates here. Regards, --Irena 22:38, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]

Why do we need all these new templates for? And BTW, you are blocked on Russian Wikipedia for sock puppetry (see --Triglav 2000 (pogovor) 02:36, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]

that Isent me I created an account on here with user333 I thought no one was using the username I only created on here User333 (pogovor) 09:09, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]
can I create this wikipedija:Articles for creation using google tranlator please User333 (pogovor) 13:36, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]
Do you mind if we ask for Checkuser to confirm that?
As for templates, using automatic translation tools isn't the best solution there, either. To repear Triglav's question, why do we need all those templates, anyway? — Yerpo Ha? 09:49, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]
well hen I updated the current templates it sometimes ask for another one to be created if you want that one to work
ok I doint mind but I never used this account I just put the username user333 in the registration form and it said it is avalible to use so I used it User333 (pogovor) 13:33, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]

Again: please stop using Google Translate for content creation. — Yerpo Ha? 21:07, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]

I only used it to create the article wizard which would be easer to ask for articles to be created but sorry I will ask you next time if I can do tht sorry User333 (pogovor) 21:08, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]
Asking me or whoever for permission is not the point here. The point is that you are doing more harm than good if you create content or support pages in Slovene Wikipedia without even understanding Slovene. The page you created certainly wouldn't make it easier to ask for articles, despite your good intentions. — Yerpo Ha? 21:15, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]
oh ok User333 (pogovor) 21:23, 23. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]


Is there any reason for updating Predloga:Substitution. I dont think we have a bot for this template, so the Message This template intentionally has no transclusions because it is automatically substituted by a bot is not appropriate. Also we do not have all the templates you were using inside this updated template. The best thing is to create Predloga:Substitution/peskovnik (as on :en .../sandbox) and then ask me or Wikipedija:Prošnje za administratorsko pomoč for help.

ok sorry User333 (pogovor) 17:12, 24. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]

Creating templatesUredi

I cannot create templates like this, they need testing, documentation in slovene language. Predloga:time ago is not worth my time ... maybe you can reconsider if you really need this. We avoid such templates in slovenian wikipedia because of our grammar, and that is why it has been deleted so many times. It can be easly avoided ... the date should be enough (anyone can caluculate the years, days that passed since the date). It is not so important to use my time about this one. There are so many more important stuff to do then how to implement slovenian grammar into templates that have origin from english templates. --Pinky sl (pogovor) 09:44, 25. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]

oh ok User333 (pogovor) 15:38, 25. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]

Please, dont change templates unless that is absolutely necessary. And I must ask you, what is the main purpose of all this changes? And why do you contribute in slovenian Wikipedia (I dont dare to change any template on english Wikipedia because it is not my native language - probably they would block me pretty soon). --Pinky sl (pogovor) 20:59, 27. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]

sorry I thought I was just adding some more rows I tested in the English one and so you can have 200 more labels User333 (pogovor) 21:32, 27. januar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]

I don't know how else to tell this to you, but you're not helping! This copy-pasting English templates here without any thought and auto-translating them is getting disruptive, so please stop with this, or I will be forced to prevent you from further editing! Same goes to "fixes" to existing templates, which often result in breaking them. This is not English Wikipedia and we do not have the same system. In some cases, we don't want exactly the same system because this is a different community. Do you understand?! — Yerpo Ha? 14:23, 3. februar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]


For 1 month. You are simply inveterate.--Irena 18:26, 4. februar 2013 (CET)Odgovori[odgovori]

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