Dobrodošli, Tegel!

Veseli nas, da ste se odločili ter se pridružili vse večjemu mednarodnemu občestvu wikipedistov, sodelavcev Wikipedije. Predlagamo, da sprva pogledate krajši uvod, ki vam bo pomagal narediti prve korake pri urejanju ene največjih spletnih enciklopedij. Če potrebujete pomoč, si preberite Pomoč:Vsebina ali pa se obrnite na dejavne uporabnike, administratorje. Lahko pa svoja vprašanja postavite tudi Pod lipo (o Wikipediji) ali Oraklju (splošna vprašanja) ter se pridružite IRC-kanalu #wikipedia-sl. Urejanje lahko preizkušate v peskovniku, prej pa si preberite še vadnico.

Začnete lahko tako, da si ustvarite svojo uporabniško stran in dodate svoje ime na sezname Wikipedistov. Svoje prispevke na pogovornih straneh (ne pa tudi v člankih!) samodejno podpišete z uporabo štirih tild (~~~~); s tem se bo dodal vaš podpis in datum.

English: You don't speak Slovene? Welcome, please visit the Embassy and also put {{user sl-0}} on your user and/or talk page.
Deutsch: Sprechen Sie kein Slowenisch? Dann besuchen Sie die Botschaft und fügen Sie {{user sl-0}} auf Ihre Benutzerseite und/oder Diskussionsseite hinzu.
Français: Vous ne parlez pas Slovène? Bienvenue, visitez l'Ambassade et ajoutez {{user sl-0}} sur votre page utilisateur.

Thanks for your help.— MZaplotnik prispevki 19:20, 1. oktober 2012 (CEST)
You're welcome. I try to help wherever I can. -- Tegel (pogovor) 19:35, 1. oktober 2012 (CEST)

I thank you for your effort as well. Do you have any idea what's the reason for this bout of persistent and mindless vandalism? I mean, a reasonably intelligent person would figure by now that he can't do any damage, but if this is some sort of a message, it sure isn't something that anyone here could understand. — Yerpo Ha? 20:59, 3. oktober 2012 (CEST)

There could be a numerous reasons why people do this type of edits. One is to test to edit. These user normally stop when you tell them to. These user I normally refer to the sandbox, where they can test the wiki-technique. Then there is the user that just want to vandalise, and they will continue until they are blocked. And then there is a hole bunch of other reasons. What is the page name to your sandbox? -- Tegel (pogovor) 21:13, 3. oktober 2012 (CEST)
Wikipedija:Peskovnik. Of course there are many possible reasons for random content blanking, but not this obvious pattern of malicious behaviour that's been occuring since last week. It seems to me that somebody is deliberately hopping across IP-s and deleting merrily until he/she gets blocked, so I was wondering if it's a cross-wiki issue with a person that holds a grudge against Wikipedia or something. Regardless of the reason, I don't see a use in pointing him to a sandbox, because it's obvious that experimenting is not the goal here. — Yerpo Ha? 21:25, 3. oktober 2012 (CEST)
Thanks for the link to the sandbox. It will go to my sandbox-list. Sometimes a user that gets blocked on one wiki will continue on another one. In this case that IP-address was only here. If it's a cross-wiki issue thet normally keep the same IP-address until it gets globally blocked. Do you see a pattern regarding the IP-addresses? If they are within the same subnet, and no one else is using that subnet, you could put a range-block on the hole subnet. -- Tegel (pogovor) 21:48, 3. oktober 2012 (CEST)
Nevermind, I checked now and they're (probably dynamically assigned) IP-s from two local providers. I'll notify them through their abuse e-mail addresses if this vandalism doesn't stop soon. — Yerpo Ha? 22:03, 3. oktober 2012 (CEST)

Thank you.--IrEnA 17:34, 13. oktober 2012 (CEST)

You're welcome. -- Tegel (pogovor) 21:15, 13. oktober 2012 (CEST)


Hello, Tegel. If you want to warn people who vandalase pages, you can use {{subst:vandalizem}}. When you block them, put {{subst:blokada}} on their talk page. Thanks for your help. --IrEnA 21:00, 7. januar 2013 (CET)