Dobrodošli, Elahk09!

Veseli nas, da ste se odločili ter se pridružili vse večjemu mednarodnemu občestvu wikipedistov, sodelavcev Wikipedije. Predlagamo, da sprva pogledate krajši uvod, ki vam bo pomagal narediti prve korake pri urejanju ene največjih spletnih enciklopedij. Če potrebujete pomoč, si preberite Pomoč:Vsebina ali pa se obrnite na dejavne uporabnike, administratorje. Lahko pa svoja vprašanja postavite tudi Pod lipo (o Wikipediji) ali Oraklju (splošna vprašanja). Urejanje lahko preizkušate v peskovniku, prej pa si preberite še vadnico.

Začnete lahko tako, da si ustvarite svojo uporabniško stran in dodate svoje ime na sezname Wikipedistov. Svoje prispevke na pogovornih straneh (ne pa tudi v člankih!) samodejno podpišete z uporabo štirih tild (~~~~); s tem se bo dodal vaš podpis in datum.

English: You don't speak Slovene? Welcome, please visit the Embassy and also put {{user sl-0}} on your user and/or talk page.
Deutsch: Sprechen Sie kein Slowenisch? Dann besuchen Sie die Botschaft und fügen Sie {{user sl-0}} auf Ihre Benutzerseite und/oder Diskussionsseite hinzu.
Français: Vous ne parlez pas Slovène? Bienvenue, visitez l'Ambassade et ajoutez {{user sl-0}} sur votre page utilisateur.

Hi Yerpo, Sorry to write you in English, I don't speak Slovene, I have seen you put a cleanup logo on the different page I have created. I really think that Beuchat has a place on the Slovene eidtion of Wikipedia. As you have seen on the text I wrote, Beuchat has created a large part of the scuba diving equipment. This brand is also the oldest brand.

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Hi. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the article being here. It's just that the more unusual facts should be supported by independent reliable sources, not just the Beauchat corporate website. By the way, how did you translate the articles? They're almost correct linguisticaly, except for some minor details. Main thing is that the adjective goes on the right side of the noun in Slovenian language, not the opposite as in English. For example, it's "podvodna puška Tarzan", not "Tarzan podvodna puška". --Yerpo Ha? 09:29, 3. maj 2009 (CEST)Odgovori

Hi, apologise for my misunderstanding, I thought you would like to clean the article about Beuchat and Georges Beuchat. By the way, can you tell me what kind of unusual facts need to be supported by independent and reliable sources for Georges Beuchat article? Noted for Beuchat company article, I will find sources in the coming days. I would like also to display the Beuchat logo as you can see on the French or English version but I haven't succeed, can you let me know how to proceed ( For the translation I have a friend in Slovenia and I have asked him some help to translate from the Englidh version. --Elahk09

The article Georges Beuchat is more or less ok as far as the facts are concerned, it's just that we have here a bit different guidelines about the introduction for biographies. I took the time and fixed it myself, so it's good now. As for the logo, you must be in the "autoconfirmed users" group to upload images, which is after 20 edits and 4 days since registering. --Yerpo Ha? 12:51, 3. maj 2009 (CEST)Odgovori

Thanks for the Georges Beuchat article. Regarding the Beuchat page I have found this very old style website, do you think it could fit the requirment of independent reliable sources? Concerning the logo, the 20 edits and 4 days are by languages or in total, if this is by languages, I don't think I will be able to write 20 edits in Slovene --Elahk09

Sorry, but that page doesn't seem very reliable. Read what they say about adequate sources on English Wikipedia - en:Wikipedia:Verifiability and en:Wikipedia:Reliable sources; we use similar standards here. The phrase "world leader in diving equipment" reads very much like an empty marketing boast if it isn't backed by, for example, market research results published by an independent organization or a prominent newspaper. The same thing that you wrote in English Wiki will probably be challenged as well, when someone notices it.
"20 edits" is by language, but it doesn't mean 20 started articles. Check your contributions list, you already made more than that and judging by the time since you registered, the system should already allow you uploading. --Yerpo Ha? 08:24, 4. maj 2009 (CEST)Odgovori