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Henrik VIII
After Hans Holbein the Younger - Portrait of Henry VIII - Google Art Project.jpg
Kralj Henrik VIII - avtor Hans Holbein the Younger, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
Angleški kralj; Irski kralj (več...)
Obdobje vladanja21. april 1509 – 28. januar 1547
Kronanje24. junij 1509
PredhodnikHenrik VII
NaslednikEdvard VI
Med drugimi
HišaRodbina Tudor
OčeHenrik VII. Angleški
MatiElizabeta Yorška
Rojstvo(1491-06-28)28. junij 1491
Greenwich Palace, Greenwich
Smrt28. januar 1547 (1547-01-28) (55 let)
Palace of Whitehall, London
Pokop4. februar 1547 St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle
VeraKristjan (Anglikanec,
prej Rimo katoličan)


Prazna predlogaUredi

{{Infopolje Kraljevska oseba
|name         =
|title        =
|titletext    =
|more         =
|type         = 
|image        =
|image_size   =
|imgw         =
|alt          =
|caption      =
|succession   =
|moretext     =
|reign        =
|reign-type   =
|coronation   =
|cor-type     =
|predecessor  =
|pre-type     =
|regent       =
|reg-type     =
|successor    =
|suc-type     =
|succession1  =
|moretext1    =
|reign1       =
|reign-type1  =
|coronation1  =
|cor-type1    =
|predecessor1 =
|pre-type1    =
|regent1      =
|reg-type1    =
|successor1   =
|suc-type1    =
|succession2  =
|moretext2    = 
|reign2       = 
|reign-type2  = 
|coronation2  = 
|cor-type2    = 
|predecessor2 = 
|pre-type2    = 
|regent2      = 
|reg-type2    = 
|successor2   = 
|suc-type2    = 
|succession3  = 
|moretext3    = 
|reign3       = 
|reign-type3  =
|coronation3  = 
|cor-type3    = 
|predecessor3 = 
|pre-type3    = 
|regent3      = 
|reg-type3    = 
|successor3   = 
|suc-type3    = 
|spouse       = 
|spouse-type  = 
|consort      = <!-- yes or no -->
|issue        = 
|issue-link   = 
|issue-pipe   = 
|full name    = 
|era name     = 
|era dates    = 
|regnal name  = 
|posthumous name = 
|temple name  = 
|house        = 
|house-type   = 
|father       = 
|mother       = 
|birth_date   = <!-- {{Birth date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
|birth_place  = 
|death_date   = <!-- {{Death date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|YYYY|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
|death_place  = 
|burial_date  = 
|burial_place = 
|occupation   = 
|signature    = 
|religion     = 
|module       =


A note on peer wikilinks: the wikilinks of substantive peers (or those in another kind of numbered succession) should always show that number (eg Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall rather than Richard, Earl of Cornwall), unless other conventions say otherwise (such as that one should always see Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, never Prince Edward, 2nd Duke of Kent). Generally, use the article's title, omitting surplus fore- and surnames or disambiguation.


Vsi parametri so neobvezni (celo "name" se ustvari iz PAGENAME).

name / title / type / image
name = Most common English/Anglicised name (e.g. George III; Prince William (not William, Duke of Cumberland); Sophie (neither Princess Edward nor Princess Sophie); Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (rather than Queen Elizabeth); Prince William (rather than Prince William of Wales) etc.)
title = Principal substantive title(s) in use (e.g. King of England; prev. Duke of Edinburgh) (omit this field if any one "succession(X)" field would be identical to it)
titletext = An explanatory note about "title", already in <small>s — such as a link to full titles (dependent upon "title")
more = Automatically-generated alternative to "titletext"; only appears if "titletext" is undefined/empty and "realm" is defined
  • austria
  • belgium
  • britain
  • china
  • cyprus
  • denmark
  • en-sco
  • england
  • ethiopia
  • france
  • hre
  • hungary
  • italy
  • jerusalem
  • luxembourg
  • malaysia
  • monaco
  • netherlands
  • norway
  • parma
  • portugal
  • russia
  • scotland
  • sicilies
  • spain-crown
  • spain-heir
  • sweden
image = i.e. X.jpg, that is to say no [[Image:
image_size = Size to display image: 200px (set width), x300px (set height), or 200x300px (max width & max height). This defaults to frameless (default is 220px, but logged in users can change this by clicking on "my preferences" and adjusting thumbnail size) if empty or omitted. This parameter should not normally need to be set.
alt = Alt text for the image, for visually impaired readers see WP:ALT
caption = Details of artist and year, for instance see WP:CAP
succession fields
succession = Primary substantive hereditary title (regarding the following fields, "reign" 'til "suc-type"; omit the "title" field if the two would be identical)
moretext = An explanatory note about the "succession", already in <small>s — such as a link to full titles (dependent upon "succession")
reign = D Month YYYY – D Month YYYY (or other appropriate format per MOS:DATE#Dates; for monarchs and their consorts (although dates may differ between the two))
reign-type = Optional alternative text for 'Reign' (dependent upon "reign")
coronation = D Month YYYY (or other appropriate format per MOS:DATE#Dates; for monarchs and their consorts)
cor-type = Optional alternative text for 'Coronation', such as 'Investiture' (dependent upon "coronation"). Automatically links to country-specific article if one of the following values is entered:
  • britain
  • france
  • hre
  • hungary
  • japan
  • malaysia
  • norway
  • ottoman
  • poland
  • russia
predecessor = For use in succession whose titles are entirely and directly hereditary. Link should be piped as appropriate — when it is reasonably clear that the person in context is a (e.g.) King of Scots, he may be linked as "James II" rather than "James II of Scotland".
pre-type = Optional alternative text for 'Predecessor' (dependent upon "predecessor")
regent = Any regents of the monarch in their role in this succession only; listed by most common name/title, most recent first, with line breaks (<br />)
reg-type = Optional alternative text for 'Regent' (dependent upon "regent")
successor = As predecessor, mutatis mutandis
suc-type = Optional alternative text for 'Successor'. e.g. 'Heir-Apparent' or 'Heir-Presumptive' (dependent upon "successor")
"succession" to "suc-type" repeated as "successionX" to "suc-typeX" for 1–3
spouse fields
consort =
  • yes, if the subject is the consort of any monarch — effects "spouse"
  • no, which is the default if the field is omitted
spouse = Husbands/wives only; listed by most common name/title, in chronological order, with line breaks (<br />), and dates if needed, e.g. (m. 2004; div. 2006; dec. 2007; wid. 2008). Break dates onto a new line if more visually appropriate
spouse-type = Optional alternative text for 'Spouse' (no plurals needed); "consort"=yes (above) produces 'Consort to' here (dependent upon "spouse", effected by "consort")
repeated as "spouseX" and "spouseX-type" for 1–4
issue = Descending in order of birth, separated by line breaks (<br />); listed by name and highest shorthand title (e.g. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex), no need for preceding styles (e.g. HM). Individuals without articles and/or who died as infants may be omitted from the list on an arbitrary basis. See also note for 'predecessor'.
issue-link = Creates small link to a section in the article for further details on offspring (dependent upon "issue")
issue-pipe = Changes the output text of the above link (dependent upon "issue-link")
full name = English/Anglicised full legal non-titular name (current/most recent), with maiden name '(née Whatever)' and translation in their native/official tongue(s) on a new line (each) underneath (use a ''{{lang-XX|}}'' Multilingual support template)

era name =

For Asian era names, wikilinked if appropriate (dependent upon "era dates")
era dates = The dates of the monarch's era (per the above)
regnal name = The monarch's regnal name
posthumous name = The posthumous name given to monarchs in certain traditions
temple name = As "posthumous name" m.m.
house = The Houses, Dynasties, or Families to which the subject belonged/s (by birth, marriage or otherwise), listed chronologically first to last, with line breaks (e.g. House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha]<br />[[House of Windsor]) (formerly called "house name" and listed last to first — it is strongly recommended that, for clarity, (by birth/marriage) or similar be included after each House's link)
house-type = Optional alternative text for 'Royal house', such as 'Dynasty' or 'Family' (dependent upon "house")
father = Most common shorthand title, no need for preceding styles (e.g. HM). May include multiple individuals, such as (Biological), (Adoptive) or (Hanai). See also note for 'predecessor'.
mother = As "father", m.m.
birth_date =
birth_place = Residence, Town/City/County/Region/Country (although almost invariably Country is obvious) HOWEVER, TAKE CARE TO AVOID FLAGCRUFT (dependent upon "date of birth")
death_date =
death_place = See "birth_place", m.m. (dependent upon "death_date")
burial_date = See "birth_date", m.m.
burial_place = See "birth_place", m.m. (dependent upon "burial_place")
occupation = Primary non-royal occupations, listed most recent first (if the subject is deceased there's no need for 'prev.') e.g. 'Theatre; prev. Broadcasting' (alive), or 'Military; Author' (dead)
signature = X.jpg, being an image of the subject's personal signature
signature_alt = Alt text for signature
religion = The subject's religion(s) — may be listed with dates (in chronological order) if applicable

Integracija infopolj z WikipodatkiUredi

Prednosti in slabostiUredi


  • Zajemanje podatkov iz centralnega prostora za vse Wikipedije
  • Ustvarjanje in osveževanje podatkov na enem mestu


  • Neustrezno osveževanje ali brisanje podatkov izven nadzora naše Wikipedije, ker sprememb podatkov ne vidiš direktno v članku.

Kako Wikipodatki zbirajo podatkeUredi

Podatki v Wikipodatke vnašajo uporabniki in boti. Nekateri boti podatke pridobijo iz Wikipedijinih infopolj, kategorij in člankov. Vsak članek (»item« v terminologiji Wikipodatkov) ima ustrezno stran v Wikipodatkih, kjer se nahajajo podatki. Nekateri boti dodajo »imported from _ Wikipedia« kot obvestilo o izvoru informacije. Ko se podatki prenašajo iz Wikipedije v Wikidata se le-ti ne spremenijo. Pri razvoju baze Wikipodatkov pomagajo izkušenejši Wikipedisti iz različnih projektov.


V določenih infopoljih se že uporabljajo podatki iz Wikipodatkov. Za katere podatke gre so na voljo informacije v samem infopolju. Podatki se zajemajo iz Wikipodatkov le v primeru, ko določeni parameter nima že vnesene lokalne vrednosti.

  • Če je v članku na vrhu vključeno prazno infopolje brez kakršnih koli parametrov, se bodo vsi podatki napolnili iz Wikipodatkov.
  • Če ima članek v Wikipodatkih vpisane tudi rojstne podatke in podatke o smrti, zato se le-ti pojavijo v infopolju. Tukaj se izvede tudi avtomatska kategorizacija v kategoriji Rojeni leta xxxx in Umrli leta yyyy. Članek se pojavi tudi v vzdrževalni kategoriji Kategorija:Članki z redefiniranimi elementi iz Wikipodatkov, ker je v Wikipodatkih na voljo tudi slika, infopolje pa uporablja lastno sliko.

Zatorej, vedno imajo prednost lokalni podatki, ki so vneseni v parametre infopolj.

Kako vnesti podatke v WikipodatkeUredi

Vsak članek (objekt) ima na levi strani v menuju Orodja -> Objekt Wikipodatki možnost urejanja lastnih Wikipodatkov. Točno kako je tam treba izpolniti podatke si je najbolje ogledati kar na primeru Elizabeta I. Angleška v Wikidata.


Koda HTML, ki jo producira ta predloga, vključuje mikroformat hCard, ki omogoča računalnikom, da razčlenijo subjektove podatke. Ta proces je bodisi samodejen, za katalogiziranje člankov v Wikipediji, bodisi na ročno zahtevo bralca s pomočjo orodja v brskalniku, ki na primer doda osebo v adresar.

Parametri o dnevu rojstva ("bday") bodo vključeni v mikroformatu samo, če bo infopolje vsebovalo predlogo {{Datum rojstva}} ali {{Datum rojstva in starost}}.

hCard uporablja naslednje razrede HTML:

  • adr
  • agent
  • bday
  • birthplace
  • category
  • country-name
  • deathdate
  • deathplace
  • extended-address
  • family-name
  • fn (required)
  • given-name
  • honorific-prefix
  • honorific-suffix
  • label
  • locality
  • n
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • role
  • url
  • vcard

Prosimo, ne preimenujte ali odstranite teh razredov.

Template DataUredi

To je TemplateData dokumentacija za predlogo, ki jo uporabljajo Vizualni urejevalnik in druga orodja; glejte mesečno poročilo o uporabi parametrov za to predlogo.

TemplateData za Infopolje Kraljevska oseba

Imena parametrov ne smejo biti prazna. Za dokumentiranje neimenovanih parametrov uporabite njihove interne številke »1«, »2« idr.

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