Zdravo še tule, Mojca! Dobrodošla na straneh slovenske Wikipedije! --romanm (pogovor) 21:56, 26 julij 2005 (CEST)


Zdravo Mojca!

Tale slika grba je nekvalitetna, verjetno zaradi "ročnega" raztegovanja. Kateri vir za grb pa naj bi bil najbolj merodajen? --AndrejJ 22:19, 26 julij 2005 (CEST)

Kaj naj bi bilo narobe z uradnim virom: http://www.uvi.si/img/insignia/grb.jpg ? --AndrejJ 22:29, 26 julij 2005 (CEST)

Mojca, sliki sem dodal licenco GFDL, sicer pa lahko dodaš kaj drugega. --AndrejJ 23:59, 26 julij 2005 (CEST)

Zastava SlovenijeUredi

Hello. I have had simmilar problems with commons:User:Zscout370. More evidence I collected, even more he disquallified that evidence. He also threatened users with comments like "I want this debate to die, so leave it be" and simmilar threats.

My proposal #1
Prva verzija sVG datoteke kako ju je naslikao SKopp
My proposal #2

I do not belive that he is sincerely interested in the good representation of the Flag of Slovenia on commons. I say this because he continuously claim that just because Uporabnik:Zocky [1] said the colours were OK it must be a finished story.

I even belive that nevertheless of "good intentions" of Zocky - he is deeply mistaken in his view of the blue colour on the Flag of Slovenia.

Also I notified commons:User:Klemen Kocjancic about the sources regarding the Flag of Slovenia on commons but he did not respond to my discussion: commons:User talk:Klemen Kocjancic#Flag of Slovenia.

Klemen Kocjancic is an administrator both here and on commons so he could help us both.

Obviously Zscout370 did not watch the Olympics this year, nor looked at the arguments presented in the commons:Image talk:Flag of Slovenia.svg.

I have inserted few images, all of my two proposals are thoroughly sourced and the Zscout370 version is a too brightly coloured flag with these colours:

  • #005BE6
  • #FF0000
  • #FFE600

Please convey your opinions on my talk page.

Imbris 02:28, 26. avgust 2008 (CEST)

Please answer. -- Imbris 01:03, 9. september 2008 (CEST)

User Mojca Miklavec isn't active from 2006. --Andrejj 08:47, 9. september 2008 (CEST)