Predloga:Information page

Dokumentacija za predlogo[poglej] [uredi] [zgodovina] [osveži]

Pasica za Wikipedijina informacijska stran.

Namenjena je vključevanju na strani za administracijo (ne članke), kar običajno pomeni strani v imenskih prostorih Wikipedija in Pomoč, včasih pa so informacijske strani postavljene tudi kot podstrani v uporabniškem imenskem prostoru.


Če je stran, ki uporablja to predlogo, v imenskem prostoru Wikipedija ali Pomoč, jo bo predloga umestila v kategorijo Kategorija:Wikipedijine informacijske strani.

Če je v uporabniškem imenskem prostoru, jo bo umestila v kategorijo Kategorija:Eseji o Wikipediji. Prosimo, uporabite |nocat=, da preprečite kategorizacijo dokler je stran še v delu.

Če je na strani v kakem drugem imenskem prostoru, ne bo samodejno kategorizirala in verjetno ni pravilno uporabljena.


This template can be used as is, like this:

{{Information page}}

But it can also take up to three shortcuts as parameters. It then displays a small shortcut box inside it. Like this:

{{Information page|WP:SHORT|WP:LONG}}

Then it looks like this:

If you want to feed more than one or two shortcuts then the shortcut box becomes too high, which doesn't look good. In such a case it is better to use a {{shortcut}} box directly below this template, like this:

Predloga:Block indent

Optional parametersUredi

  • |1= or |sc1=, |shortcut1=, |shortcut=, or first unnamed parameter – First shortcut. Don't include [[...]] linking brackets in this or other shortcut parameters.
  • |2= or |sc2=, |shortcut2=, or first unnamed parameter – Second shortcut
  • |3= or |sc3=, |shortcut3=, or first unnamed parameter – Third shortcut (deprecated; please use separate Template:Shortcut for three or more)
  • |interprets= or |page= or |pages= – Specify name of page (policy, process, etc.) that this essay provides advice about. For a single page, it is not necessary to include [[...]] linking brackets;. This will replace the wording "Wikipedia's norms and practices". If more than one page and/or any notes are intended, links must be manually coded, e.g.: |interprets=[[Wikipedija:Preverljivost]] policy and the [[Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources]] guideline
  • |sort-by= – Specify a sort key for the category. For example, if the how-to page is Wikipedia:Producing maps with xplanet and you want it category-sorted to appear under "X", use |sort-by=Xplanet, Producing maps with. This has no effect on the user essays category.
  • |category= – Specify a complete wikilink (i.e, do include the [[...]] linking brackets) to one or more categories to override the default Kategorija:Wikipedijine informacijske strani. May include a category sort; example: [[Category:WikiProject Underwater Basketweaving|Article structure advice]] This parameter does not replace the Kategorija:Eseji o Wikipediji categorization for pages in the "User:" namespace, but can be used to add them manually to Kategorija:Wikipedijine informacijske strani, in addition to the automatic user category.
  • |nocat=y or |demo=y – Bypass all categorization, when the template is used for demo purposes, e.g. in template documentation, on talk pages, etc.
  • |style= – Pass arbitrary CSS to the Template:Ombox base template that this template uses.


TemplateData documentation used by VisualEditor and other tools
Glejte mesečno poročilo o uporabi parametrov za to predlogo.

TemplateData za Information page

Parametri predloge


Guideline or other page being interpreted

Ime straniizbirno

Shortcut to this page

Ime straniizbirno

Shortcut to this page

Ime straniizbirno

Shortcut to this page

Ime straniizbirno

Any value prevents addition of project category


Glej tudiUredi

  • {{Wikipedia how-to}} – the banner template for pages that are more directly instructional than just informational like H:EDIT.
  • {{Essay|interprets=}} – the banner template for pages that are more opinionated then instructional or technical; there are several parameters and variations.
  • {{Supplement|interprets=}} – to tag a well-established page that adds something to a policy or guideline, to make up for a deficiency, and when it is referenced in the guideline or policy like WP:BRD.
  • Wikipedia:Template messages/Project namespace – for other "Wikipedia:"-namespace banner templates.