George Dolenz ali George Dolentz, rojen Jure Dolenc, slovensko-ameriški igralec, * 5. januar 1908, Trst, Avstro-Ogrska, † 8. februar 1963, Hollywood.

Jure Dolenc
Rojstvo5. januar 1908({{padleft:1908|4|0}}-{{padleft:1|2|0}}-{{padleft:5|2|0}})[1]
Smrt8. februar 1963({{padleft:1963|4|0}}-{{padleft:2|2|0}}-{{padleft:8|2|0}})[1] (55 let)
Državljanstvo ZDA
Poklicigralec, televizijski igralec

Delna filmografija uredi

Leto Naslov Vloga Opombe
1941 Unexpected Uncle George, Colony Club Headwaiter nepodpisan
1942 Take a Letter, Darling Assistant Headwaiter nepodpisan
1943 No Time for Love Captain of Waiters nepodpisan
Young Ideas Pepe
Fired Wife Oscar Blix
The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler Herman Marbach
She's for Me Phil Norwin
Moonlight in Vermont Lionel Devereau
1944 Resisting Enemy Interrogation Capt. Volbricht nepodpisan
In Society Count Alexis
The Climax Amato Roselli
Bowery to Broadway George Henshaw
Enter Arsène Lupin Dubose
1945 Song of the Sarong Kalo
Easy to Look At Antonio
The Royal Mounted Rides Again Constable 'Frenchy' Moselle serija
1946 Girl on the Spot Leon Lorenz
Idea Girl Wilfred Potts
Night in Paradise Frigid Ambassador
1947 Song of Scheherazade Pierre, the Headwaiter
1950 Vendetta Lt. Orso Antonio della Rabia
1952 My Cousin Rachel Guido Rainaldi
1953 Scared Stiff Mr. Cortega
Wings of the Hawk Col. Paco Ruiz
1954 The Last Time I Saw Paris Claude Matine
Sign of the Pagan Emperor Theodosius
1955 The Racers Count Salem
A Bullet for Joey Dr. Carl Macklin
The Purple Mask Marcel Cadonal
1957 The Sad Sack Ali Mustapha
1959 Timbuktu Colonel Charles Dufort
1961 Look in Any Window Carlo
1962 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Gen. von Kleig

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