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About Me
I'm a Wikipedia user of Slovene nationality living in Ljubljana, Slovenia. From september 2004 I've been working actively on Wikipedia, mostly on Slovenian one as it needs many quantity and quality improvements in comparison with English Wikipedia. As to other Wiki projects, I continuously build only Wikimedia Commons. You can send me a private email or leave me a message on my talk page in any of languages shown in Babel.

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Main Interests
Interested in geography (political geography, GIS, environment protection, regional geography - Mediterranean, USA, Balkans), sociology, programming and web development, social ecology etc.

Slovenian version


sl Uporabnik_ca govori slovenščino kot materni jezik.
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sr-1 Корисник почетнички говори српски језик.
hr-1 Ovaj suradnik posjeduje osnovno znanje hrvatskog jezika.
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slovenske Wikipedije.
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