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This template creates a very concise reference citation to a specific numbered page at the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man database.

{{OMIM2|#####}}, where "#####" is the OMIM page number.

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This template is good to use when there is a long series of OMIM citations in a row and one wishes to be as concise as possible with them. Generally, it should be immediately preceded by use of the {{OMIM}} template, or {{OMIM3}} (or its plainlinks variant {{OMIM5}} if {{OMIM}} was already used earlier in the article/section; without preceding {{OMIM2}} with one or the other, it will be unclear to the reader what the citation is citing. {{OMIM2}} is also used (and was created) for Predloga:Infopolje Medicinsko stanje. There is a plainlinks version of {{OMIM2}}, at {{OMIM4}}, that does not show the external link icon, for use infoboxes where the context already makes it clear that the links are external.