Online 'Mendelian Inheritance in Man' (OMIM) {{{1}}}

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Notes on use

This template creates a non-abbreviated reference citation to a specific numbered page at the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man database.

{{OMIM|#####}}, where "#####" is the OMIM page number.

Results: Online 'Mendelian Inheritance in Man' (OMIM) 12345

An optional second parameter allows displaying of OMIM page name.

Hence: {{OMIM|604715|Orthostatic Intolerance}}
Gives: Online 'Mendelian Inheritance in Man' (OMIM) Orthostatic Intolerance -604715

This template is good to use for the first OMIM citation in an article (or perhaps in a section), but is generally probably too long to use repeatedly; use the {{OMIM3}} template instead for later citations. And {{OMIM2}} can be used after {{OMIM}} to shorten a long list of OMIM citations. Either can also be used in infoboxes to keep the text shorter. In infoboxes, the plainlinks variants {{OMIM4}} (variant of {{OMIM2}}) and {{OMIM5}} (variant of {{OMIM3}}), without external link icons, can alternatively be used, where the context already makes it clear that the links are external.