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The goal of the template is to directly link to the World Health Organization's online version of ICD-11.

Parameters uredi

The template displays the ICD-11 code, linked to the entry in the ICD-11 website.

The website entry is identified through a url which contains a unique linkID:

For example. in the linkID is in bold.

The template can take either 1 or 2 parameters:

  • code = The complete ICD-11 code (compulsory)
  • linkID = The number at the end of the url line (optional)

Examples of use uredi

The ICD-11 code 5B81 is for "Obesity". In that case, the WHO website URL will look as follows:

Using this template, it will show the WHO website external link as follows:

  • 5B81: {{ICD11|5B81|149403041}}: 5B81

However, the linkID may be omitted; then the template will display the ICD-11 code linked by using a lookup table in Lua:

  • 5B81: {{ICD11|5B81}}: 5B81

See also uredi