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This template allows editors to directly link to the 2019 online version of the World Health Organization's diagnostic classification ICD-10. It's primarily intended for use with {{medical resources}}.

Please do not use this template to parse codes only found within ICD-10-CM – use the {{ICD10CM}} template instead.

Parameters uredi

The template takes 1 parameter:

  • code - The complete ICD-10 code

Deprecated parameters uredi

  • If a second parameter is present, the first parameter would be treated as the Group letter, and the second parameter as the major group number (2 digits).
  • If a third parameter is present, it is treated as the minor group number and the link will be displayed with a period between major and minor group numbers.

Examples of use uredi

The ICD-10 code R03 is for "Abnormal blood-pressure reading, without diagnosis". In that case, the WHO website URL will look as follows:

Using this template, it will show the WHO website external link as follows:

  • R03: {{ICD10|R03}}: R03

Other examples:

  • A03: {{ICD10|A03}}: A03
  • A38: {{ICD10|A38}}: A38
  • A60: {{ICD10|A60}}: A60
  • G08: {{ICD10|G08}}: G08
  • H05.5: {{ICD10|H05.5}}: H05.5
  • H67: {{ICD10|H67}}: H67
  • M83.2: {{ICD10|M83.2}}: M83.2
  • P04.1: {{ICD10|P04.1}}: P04.1

See also uredi