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English: hi I've tested a new updated code in sandbox and I have added 20 more label and 20 more data which mean I've added it to a total of 99 not 81 08:40, 22. januar 2013 (CET)

Ok, it still needs some modifications (category:articles which use infobox templates with no data rows, use of navbar template). I will check it in a few days. Otherwise it seems ok. --Pinky sl (pogovor) 10:19, 22. januar 2013 (CET)
English: ok thank you 17:27, 22. januar 2013 (CET)
does the Infobox updated codes work on here User333 (pogovor) 22:34, 25. januar 2013 (CET)

 D Opravljeno now supports up to 99 rows. --Pinky sl (pogovor) 13:37, 26. januar 2013 (CET)

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