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Extract a 4-digit decade from the page title, without the trailing "s".

e.g. from "Lorem ipsum dolor 1510s it amet" it will extract "1510"

Note that the trailing letter "s" is stripped, to allow manipulation. In template coding, it can be easily be added after the template call, e.g. Famine in the {{Title decade}}s in Atlantis.



{{Title decade|match|nomatch|page=}}


{{Title decade|match=|nomatch=|page=}}

Decade from title which contains only a year


Note also that this template will not return the decade from a title which includes only a year. e.g.

  • {{Title decade|page=Horticultural controversies in the 1790s in Xanadu}}
  • {{Title decade|page=Horticultural controversies in 1797 in Xanadu}}

However, the decade can easily be obtained by using {{DECADE}} as a wrapper around {{Title year}}: {{DECADE|{{Title year}}}}.

{{Title year|page=1953 riots in Narnia}} → 1953
{{DECADE|1953}} → 1950. leta
... so
{{DECADE|{{Title year|page=1953 riots in Narnia}}}} → 1950. leta


To je dokumentacija TemplateData za predlogo, ki jo uporabljajo Vizualni urejevalnik in druga orodja; glejte mesečno poročilo o uporabi parametrov za to predlogo.

TemplateData za Title decade

Extracts a 4-digit decade from the current page title. All parameters are optional.

Parametri predloge[Urejanje podatkov predloge]

Match Instance1 match

If multiple 4-digit decades are found, this specifies which match to return, where the first match is match= 1. If a negative number is specified then a match is returned counting from the last match. Hence match = -1 is the same as requesting the last match. Defaults to 1.

No match text2 nomatch

If no 4-digit decades is found, output the "nomatch" value. Defaults to blank.

Override page titlepage

Specified a page title to use other than the current page. If left blank, the template will use the title of the current page

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