Predloga:Citatni blok

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Dokumentacija za predlogo[poglej] [uredi] [zgodovina] [osveži]

The Manual of Style guidelines for block quotations recommend formatting block quotations using the {{Blockquote}} template or the HTML <blockquote> element, for which that template provides a wrapper.

  • Quotes work best when used with short sentences, and at the start or end of a section, as a hint of or to help emphasize the section's content.
  • For typical quotes, especially those longer than the rest of the paragraph in which they are quoted, {{Cquote}} (for use outside of article space only) provides a borderless quote with decorative quotation marks, and {{Quote frame}} provides a bordered quote. Both span the page width.
  • For very short quotes, {{Rquote}} (with decorative quotation marks, for use outside of article space only) or {{Quote box}} (framed) can be used to set the quote off to either the right or left as in a magazine sidebar. This can be effective on essay pages and WikiProject homepages.

Uporaba uredi

  • Okrog navedka ne piši narekovajev. Predloga deluje kot citatni blok, pri čemer je navedek ločen od besedila.
  • {{Citatni blok|besedilo citata|Avtor|Vir navedbe}}

besedilo citata

— Avtor, Vir navedbe
  • {{Citatni blok|besedilo citata}}

besedilo citata

Enačaj (=) uredi

Če katerikoli parameter vsebuje enačaj, ga predloga ne bo pravilno prepoznala. Za odstranitev tega problema moraš v predlogi uporabiti "1=", "2=", itd., glede na to na kateri parameter se nanaša.

Primer uredi

{{Navedba|Clunk mouse colored mauve. Bully other rodents, stealing the cheese rapid. Police mice catch crook squeak video prime time TV show. Juror mouse frown XXXX1.|Kdor je to rekel|Vir navedbe}}


Clunk mouse colored mauve. Bully other rodents, stealing the cheese rapid. Police mice catch crook squeak video prime time TV show. Juror mouse frown XXXX1.

— Kdor je to rekel, Vir navedbe

Napake uredi

Pages where this template is not used correctly populate Kategorija:Strani z nepravilno uporabo predloge za citate. The category tracks tranclusions of Predloga:Citatni blok that have no text given for quotation or use an equals sign in the argument of an unnamed parameter. It also tracks usage of |class=, |id=, |diff=, |4=, or |5=.

Sledilna kategorija uredi

Articles that use unsupported parameters are placed in Kategorija:Strani, ki uporabljajo predlogo Citatni blok z neznanimi parametri (7).

TemplateData uredi

To je dokumentacija TemplateData za predlogo, ki jo uporabljajo Vizualni urejevalnik in druga orodja; glejte mesečno poročilo o uporabi parametrov za to predlogo.

TemplateData za Citatni blok

Adds a block quotation.

Parametri predloge[Urejanje podatkov predloge]

texttext 1 quote

The text to quote

Cry "Havoc" and let slip the dogs of war.
authorauthor 2 cite sign

The writer of the source

William Shakespeare
titletitle 3

The work being quoted from

Julius Caesar
sourcesource 4

A source for the quote

act III, scene I
charactercharacter 5

The speaker within the work who is being quoted

Mark Antony

Keeps forced linebreaks in output


Additional CSS styles (not classes) to apply


Additional HTML classes to apply


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