Predloga:Pounds, shillings, and pence

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Converts the pre-1971 subunits of the Pound Sterling to its modern decimal subunits. Also supports conversion of guineas (21 shillings) and marks (13s 4d); if the main units (pounds, shillings, and pence), guineas, and marks are all used at once it returns the (decimalised) sum of all units. It does not natively include subdivisions of the penny (halfpennies, farthings, quarter-farthings, etc.); those must be pre-decimalised and inputted as part of the "d" parameter, which should be fairly easy to do. The rounding provided in the result is by default two decimal places but can be modified in the "round" parameter.

For example, the Mad Hatter's hat is worth 10/6, which is £{{£sd|s=10|d=6}} = £0,53.

The parameters are as follows:

  • l - The number of pounds
  • s - The number of shillings
  • d - The number of pence
  • g - The number of guineas
  • m - The number of marks
  • round - The number of digits after the decimal point to which the result is rounded

Round has a default value of 2, while all other parameter values default to zero.