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Template:Portal-inline is used to produce an inline link to a portal.

Differences between {{Portal}} and {{Portal-inline}}Uredi

{{Portal}} creates a list of one or more portal links within an accessible navigation region. It is hidden in printer and mobile view. This is useful, for example, in an article's "See also" section.

{{Portal-inline}} creates one portal link with no accessibility context. It is visible in printer and mobile view. This is useful, for example, if making a mid-sentence link on a talk page, or if there is an alternative list structure in a "See also" section.


  • {{Portal-inline|<name> }}
  • {{Portal-inline|<name> [|size= <size> ] [|text= <text> ] [|short= <anything> ]}}

Everything inside square brackets is optional, do not include the square brackets.


  • 1 — required; The first unnamed/positional parameter is the name of the portal.
  • size— optional; Specify |size=tiny to show a 16×16 image instead of the usual size.
  • text— optional; Specify |text=(name) for a different associated name to appear.
  • short— optional; Specify |short=anything to remove portal from the output.
  • redlinks— optional; Specify |redlinks=yes to show the portal if it is redlinked.


Using only the name parameterUredi

  • Code: {{Portal-inline|Sexuality}}
  • Produces:

Using the name and size parametersUredi

  • Code: {{Portal-inline|Sexuality|size=tiny}}
  • Produces:

Using the name and text parametersUredi

  • Code: {{Portal-inline|Sexuality|text=Sex portal}}
  • Produces:

Using the name and short parametersUredi

  • Code: {{Portal-inline|Sexuality|short=yes}}
  • Produces:


In an article's "See also" section, to generate an accessible list of portal links, use {{portal}}. If a different list structure is preferred, prefix each {{portal-inline}} with an asterisk.

* {{Portal-inline|Name}}
* {{Portal-inline|Name}}


The portal image name is found using Module:Portal. Please see Module:Portal#Image for instructions on how to add, update, or remove an image.

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