Wikipedija:Prošnje za delovanje botov: razlika med redakcijama

* Purpose: Interwiki (pywikipedia)
* Technical details : [[User:BotMultichill|BotMultichill]] is an interwiki bot starting at the [[:nl:Gebruiker:BotMultichill|Dutch wikipedia]]. The bot uses the pywikipedia framework and runs day and night in autonomous mode. Sometimes the bot will run in manual assisted mode to solve interwiki conflicts. [[Uporabnik:Multichill|Multichill]] 00:47, 26 maj 2007 (CEST)
**I fired up the bot here so you can see it in action. [[Uporabnik:Multichill|Multichill]] 17:38, 4 junij 2007 (CEST)