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(→‎Sorry for [[Wroclaw]]!: Responce to Yopohari)
Your article is alright, don't be to hard on your self. Tell me, what do you want to write and I'll help you with that. Regards, --[[Uporabnik:Klemen Kocjancic|Klemen Kocjancic]] 16:38, 18 dec 2004 (CET)
:Thank you! I'm afraid i have found a fault in [[Ljubljana]] - ''"Četrtna skupnost [[Polje]]"'' - [[Polje]] ist wikified, but it seems not to be a borrough of [[Ljubljana]] but something else... We use in the de:WP something as ''"XYZ (Četrtna skupnost)"'' - for example [http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wroc%C5%82aw-Stare_Miasto_%28Stadtbezirk%29 de:Wrocław-Stare Miasto (Stadtbezirk)] (i've write it today) :-) [[Uporabnik:Yopohari|Yopohari]] 16:49, 18 dec 2004 (CET)