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| name = Alfa Kentavra A
| image = [[Slika:Position Alpha Cen.png|250px]]
| caption = Lega Alfe Kentavra
| reference = <ref name=Pourbaix>{{navedi revijo
| author=Pourbaix, D.
| coauthorsauthor2=Nidever, D.; |author3=McCarthy, C.; |author4=Butler, R. P.; |author5=Tinney, C. G.; |author6=Marcy, G. W.; |author7=Jones, H. R. A.; |author8=Penny, A. J.; |author9=Carter, B. D.; Bouchy, F.;+ 6 avtorjev
| title=Constraining the difference in convective blueshift between the components of alpha Centauri with precise radial velocities
| journal=Astronomy and Astrophysics