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brez povzetka urejanja
Brez povzetka urejanja
and etc. Regards --[[Uporabnik:Krupski Oleg|Krupski Oleg]] ([[Uporabniški pogovor:Krupski Oleg|pogovor]]) 10:38, 8. avgust 2015 (CEST)<br />
*:'''Slovenian researchers gave a big of material for science. These are great people from Slavonia!''' This material is not have your "Wikipedijo". '''Please do these articles!''' --[[Uporabnik:Krupski Oleg|Krupski Oleg]] ([[Uporabniški pogovor:Krupski Oleg|pogovor]]) 09:59, 9. avgust 2015 (CEST)
== Participate in the Ibero-American Culture Challenge! ==
[[:m:Iberocoop|Iberocoop]] has launched a translating contest to improve the content in other Wikipedia related to Ibero-American Culture.
We would love to have you on board :)
Please find the contest here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Translating_Ibero_-_America/Participants_2016
Hugs!--[[Uporabnik:Anna Torres (WMAR)|Anna Torres (WMAR)]] ([[Uporabniški pogovor:Anna Torres (WMAR)|pogovor]]) 16:32, 10. maj 2016 (CEST)