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==druge rabe ==
=== Uporaba v drugih jezikih ===
Poleg zgoraj naštetih hčerinskih abeced, ki so se kot prilagoditev grške abecede razvijale dalje v samostojne abecde, so grško abecedo, ob različnih časih in na različnih mestih, uporabili za pisanje v drugih jezikih {{SFN |. Macrakis | 1996 | p =} } Za nekatere od njih so bile uvedene dodatne črke.
==== Antika ====
*Most of the [[alphabets of Asia Minor]], in use c. 800–300 BC to write languages like [[Lydian language|Lydian]] and [[Phrygian language|Phrygian]], were the early Greek alphabet with only slight modifications – as were the original [[Old Italic script|Old Italic alphabets]].
*Some [[Paleo-Balkan languages]], including [[Thracian language|Thracian]]. For other neighboring languages or dialects, such as [[Ancient Macedonian language|Ancient Macedonian]], isolated words are preserved in Greek texts, but no continuous texts are preserved.
*The [[Greco-Iberian alphabet]] was used for writing the ancient [[Iberian language]] in parts of modern Spain.
*[[Gaulish language|Gaulish]] inscriptions (in modern France) used the Greek alphabet until the Roman conquest
*The [[Hebrew language|Hebrew]] text of the [[Bible]] was written in Greek letters in [[Origen]]'s [[Hexapla]].
*The [[Bactrian language]], an [[Iranian languages|Iranian language]] spoken in what is now [[Afghanistan]], was written in the Greek alphabet during the [[Kushan Empire]] (65–250 AD). It adds an extra letter {{angle bracket|[[Sho (letter)|þ]]}} for the ''sh'' sound {{IPAblink|ʃ}}.{{sfn|Sims-Williams|1997|p=}}
*The [[Coptic alphabet]] adds eight letters derived from [[Demotic (Egyptian)|Demotic]]. It is still used today, mostly in Egypt, to write [[Coptic language|Coptic]], the liturgical language of Egyptian Christians. Letters usually retain an [[Uncial script|uncial form]] different from the forms used for Greek today.
=== V matematiki in znanosti ===
{{Main|Grške črke, ki se uporabljajo v matematiki, znanosti in mathematics, science, and engineering}}
Greek symbols are traditionally used as names in [[mathematics]], [[physics]] and other [[science]]s. Many symbols have traditional uses, such as lower case epsilon (ε) for [[Limit (mathematics)|an arbitrarily small positive number]], lower case pi (π) for the [[Pi|ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter]], capital sigma (Σ) for [[summation]], and lower case sigma (σ) for [[standard deviation]].
=== Astronomy ===
{{main|Bayer designation}}
Greek letters are used to denote the brighter stars within each of the eighty-eight [[constellation]]s. In most constellations the brightest star is designated Alpha and the next brightest Beta etc. For example, the brightest star in the constellation of [[Centaurus]] is known as [[Alpha Centauri]]. However, for historical reasons, the Greek designations of some constellations begin with a lower ranked letter.
== Sklici in opombe ==