Vickers Wellington: razlika med redakcijama

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[[File:Vickers Wellington.svg|thumb|right|330px|Orografska projekcija Wellington Mark Ia]]
{{aircraft specifications|
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|ref=''Vickers Aircraft since 1908''
|ref=''Vickers Aircraft since 1908''.<ref name="Andrews & Morgan p340">Andrews and Morgan 1988, p. 340.</ref>
|length main=64 ft 7 in
|loaded weight alt=
|max takeoff weight main=28500 lb
|max takeoff weight alt=12,95512955 kg
|engine (prop)=[[Bristol Pegasus]] Mark XVIII
|type of prop= 9-valjni zračnohlajeni bencinski [[zvezdasti motor]]
|max speed main=235 mph
|max speed alt=378 km/h
|max speed more=na višini 15500 ft (4730 m)
|range main=2550 milj
|range alt=2217 [[nmi]], 4106 km
|ceiling main=18000 ft
|ceiling alt=5490 m
|power/mass alt= 0,13 kW/kg
** 6-8× [[.303 British|.303]] [[M1919 Browning] ]srojnice: strojnic
** 2× v nosu
** 2× v zadnjem delu; 4× od modela Mark III naprej
** 2× pri straneh, brez od modela Mark III naprej
|bombs=4500 lb (2041 kg) bomb