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[[File:Visual Editor (side-by-side).png|thumb|500px|VisualEditor (na levi) v primerjavi z wikibesedilom oz. urejanjem "izvorne kode" (na desni).]]
Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) developers have implemented a Beta version of VisualEditor (VE), a way to edit pages without needing to learn wiki markup. Both VisualEditor and the original [[WP:WIKITEXT|wikitext]] editor are automatically available to all editors on all article and user pages (VE is disabled in all other [[WP:NAMESPACE|namespaces]]). You can continue to edit wikitext directly using the "Edit source" tab.
'''''Bug reports and comments are welcome at [[Wikipedija:VisualEditor/Feedback]].''''' Your help in identifying bugs and training new users is invaluable.
VisualEditor is in beta testing. It can't yet do everything that the wikitext editor can do, it still has some bugs, and it runs slowly for many users. While experienced editors will be more efficient with wikitext editing, VE is intended to be more user-friendly for new editors; for example, there are dialogs to insert a new image, or to edit a complex template or reference.
<!--After a [[Wikipedia:Village_pump_(technical)/Archive_115#.22Opt_out.22_of_VE_needed_under_preferences|huge consensus]] in favor of an opt-out, the WMF developers have implemented a user preference to disable VisualEditor. Go to [[Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-editing]], and check the box labeled "Temporarily disable VisualEditor while it is in beta", then click "Save". If you're having trouble disabling VisualEditor, or to hide it instead of disabling it, see [[Wikipedia:VisualEditor/Opt-out]] for more detailed instructions.-->
'''Attention [[Internet Explorer]] (IE) users:''' At the moment, VisualEditor is disabled for all IE web browsers. For IE9 and IE10 users, this is intended to be temporary, with various issues being addressed by software fixes. But VE will ''not'' be made available to users of IE8 and earlier. If you use these older versions of IE and want to edit with VisualEditor, you will need to use a different browser.
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