Uporabniški pogovor:Mojca Miklavec: Razlika med redakcijama

brez povzetka urejanja
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He also threatened users with comments like "I want this debate to die, so leave it be" and simmilar threats.
[[ImageFile:Flag of the Slovene Nation.svg|thumb|My proposal #1]]
[[ImageFile:Flag of Slovenia.svg|thumb|Zscout370/Zocky]]
[[File:Flag of Slovenia.png|thumb|<small><small>Prva verzija sVG datoteke kako ju je naslikao [[:commons:User:SKopp|SKopp]]</small></small>]]
[[ImageFile:Slovene Nation Flag.svg|thumb|My proposal #2]]
I do not belive that he is sincerely interested in the good representation of the Flag of Slovenia on commons. I say this because he continuously claim that just because [[Uporabnik:Zocky]] [http://www.ljudmila.org/~zocky/] said the colours were OK it must be a finished story.