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'''Slovo, odpuščanje.'''
'''This is goodbye.''' Supposedly, I am a figment of someone else's imagination who imagined several other people. The "overwhelming" evidence includes: no fingerprint records, no photos, no videos, no library card logs, no cybercafe receipts, no credit card statements, no phone company bills, no ISP records, and no guarantee that en.Wikipedia's records haven't been tampered with.
Maybe I could continue working on sl.Wikipedia, but I'd have to worry about the witch-hunt spilling over here. And besides, I've been unable to make progress in learning Slovene beyond Chapter 5.
I can take a hint. I'm not wanted at en., and I'm not of much use to sl. I hope sl. continues to grow, but without developing the same idiotic battle mentalities that plague en. Y'all've been nice, I hope y'all stay nice.
Pozdravljeni! Jaz sem Anton Mravcek. Sem [[Američani|Američan]]. Moj oče je [[Slovenci|Slovenec]]. Moja mama je [[Švedi]]nja.
[[Slika:Veteran 3.png|80px|left]] Za triletni prispevek k slovenski Wikipediji. --[[Uporabnik:Andrejj|Andrejj]] 23:00, 19 maj 2007 (CEST)
:Hvala. I wish I could have done more here.
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[[sv:Användare:Anton Mravcek]]