John Paul McConnell: Razlika med redakcijama

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'''John Paul McConnell''', [[Američani|ameriški]] [[general]] in [[vojaški pilot]], [[Booneville, Arkansas]], *[[7.februar]] [[1908]], † [[21. november]] [[1986]].
The general had a distinguished military career which began in [[1932]] with his graduation from the [[United States Military Academy]]. A native of [[Booneville, Arkansas]], General McConnell graduated magna cum laude from [[Henderson Brown College]] at [[Arkadelphia, Arkansas]], with a bachelor of science degree in [[1927]]. He entered West Point a year later and, at the time of his graduation in [[1932]], was [[First Captain of the Corps of Cadets]]. After taking flying training at [[Randolph Air Force Base|Randolph]] and [[Kelly Air Force Base|Kelly]] Fields, [[Texas]], he received his [[United States Aviator Badge|pilot wings]] in [[1933]].
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