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Table conversion bot
(Table conversion bot)
== Posta ==
Poslal sem Ti dve e-posti (imam obcutek da ne kontroliras stalno prispele poste). --[[Uporabnik:Janeznovak|Janez Novak]] 22:29, 5 maj 2005 (CEST)
== Table conversion bot ==
I'm running the bot to convert HTML tables to wiki syntax. Unfortunatelly, I made a mistake when changing the bot software, and it destroyed table captions. Sorry about the mess.
Maybe you or another admin can rollback all changes the bot made to country pages today between 18:53 and and 20:13 UTC? Then I could re-convert them with the corrected bot software.
Once again, sorry for the inconvenience. P.S.: you should delete [[Template:All messages]] as it has been replaced with a Special page long ago. --[[Uporabnik:Head|Head]] 23:18, 5 maj 2005 (CEST)