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Ta kategorija se uporablja za sledenje napak predloge {{transl}}. To kategorijo uporablja Modul:Lang.

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At the time of this writing (2018-01-12) Module:Lang is in development to consolidate the processing of {{lang}}, the many kat:lang-x templates, and {{transl}} templates. As part of that, the module now emits error messages when the template parameters are used inappropriately or when the data assigned to the parameters is malformed. This category applies only to errors detected in {{transl}} templates. The error messages have the form:

[<text>] <error message> (help link)

where <text> is the text supplied to the template and rendered without proper html markup. Error messages are defined here:

error message definitions
error message description
missing language / script code {{{1}}} is empty or is not two, three, or four characters in length
unrecognized language / script code: <code> {{{1}}} is not a valid two- or three-character IANA/ISO 639-3 language code or is not a four-character ISO 15924 script code; this parameter is required
no text {{{2}}} (or {{{3}}} if transliteration standard supplied in {{{2}}}) is empty; this parameter is required
unrecognized transliteration standard: <transliteration standard> {{{2}}} is empty when {{{3}}} holds the transliteration text; or {{{2}}} is not a transliteration standard code known to the template; known standard codes are:
AHL, ALA, ALA-LC, BATR, BGN/PCGN, DIN, EAE, Hepburn, IAST, ISO, Nihon-shiki, pinyin, RR, SATTS, UNGEGN, Wehr;

this parameter is optional but if not required must be omitted

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